Edge Eight: 2010’s 8 Most Anticipated Albums

This is the first article I wrote for SpartanEdge, an online mutlimedia publication at Michigan State University.

“Edge Eight: 2010’s 8 Most Anticipated Albums”

By Nicole LaChance

8. “Plastic Beach” The Gorillaz

Everyone’s favorite virtual band is releasing their first album since 2005’s “Demon Days.” The album features collaborations from several musicians including Snoop Dogg, Mos Def and Lou Reed. Band leader Damon Albarn said in an interview with UK newspaper The Guardian that “Plastic Beach” will be the most pop record the band has ever made. “Plastic Beach” is set to be released March 9.

7. “Volume Two” — She & Him

She & Him’s first album, “Volume One,” impressed both critics and audiences with its mix of folk, pop and country influences. The band, which consists of indie favorite M. Ward and actress Zooey Deschanel, has been working on their next effort, “Volume Two,” for about a year and it is set to be released on March 23. Ward has been quoted as saying that the album will be twice as good as the previous one.

6. “Congratulations” MGMT

MGMT has had a great year. They have played several headlining shows, opened for Paul McCartney and were nominated for a Grammy. This year promises to be just as great with the release of a new album entitled “Congratulations.” MGMT is not releasing any singles and instead is marketing the new disc as more of a concept album. “Congratulations” is set to be released on April 13.

5. “Lasers” Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco originally intended for his 2010 album to be his retirement album. However, a contract with his record label forced him to change his plans. “Lasers,” which was supposed to be released in 2009, has been the victim of several illegal leaks and will be followed by a new round of touring.

4. “Relapse 2”Eminem

Eminem’s album “Relapse” officially marked the rapper’s comeback, and he promises to remain on top with 2010’s “Relapse 2.” The album features a lot of collaborations with Dr. Dre, whose own album “Detox” has yet to announce a release date.

3. TBA Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s 2008 album “One of the Boys” was a smash hit, reaching No. 9 on the Billboard 200 and achieving platinum status. For her second album, Perry is sticking with the same formula that got her famous. Audiences can probably expect a lot of songs about relationships, as the singer is now engaged to comedian Russell Brand.

2. TBABlink-182

Fans around the world rejoiced when Blink-182 announced their reunion last year. The band has moved full-speed with their reunion, reinventing their logo, going on tour and working on a new album, which they hope to release at the end of this year. This would be the band’s first album since their 2005 hiatus, and Blink fans are sure to be on their toes awaiting the new release.

1. TBAArcade Fire

Art rock group Arcade Fire is set to release their as-yet-untitled third album in the second half of this year. Little is know about the sound of the album, which would be the band’s first since 2007’s “Neon Bible,” but the multi-instrumental outfit is sure to impress. Arcade Fire is also expected to do some touring around the time of the album release, including at least one festival gig this summer.


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