Must-Listen: Lissie

For SpartanEdge

Must-Listen: Lissie

By Nicole LaChance

If Lucinda Williams and Johnny Cash had a child, she would sound something like Lissie. A little bit country and a little more rock n’ roll, Lissie has a versatile sound that many can enjoy. It’s no wonder the singer-songwriter played 10 shows at the recent South by Southwest music festival.

Lissie hails from South Rockford, Illinois, but you would never guess from her music. Part country, part folk, part blues and part Norah Jones, the singer is a delightful mix of several genres. She has managed to catch the attention of everyone from Paste Magazine to indie rock group Band of Horses to the BBC. She is certainly poised to get bigger as 2010 goes on.

Currently, Lissie has a five-song EP entitled “Why You Runnin’,” which is available on iTunes. The EP is a mixture of slow, soulful songs and slightly peppier numbers. A standout is “Oh Mississippi,” which is sort of an ode to the great river. It even includes an enjoyable, less country-fied cover of Hank Williams’ song “Wedding Bells.” The EP is definitely worth a listen.

Right now, Lissie is on tour in England with Joshua Radin and is set to play the British Evolution Festival at the end of May. The singer has also promised a full-length CD sometime this year.

Lissie is the perfect music for the coming warm weather. So, grab a drink, sit outside and enjoy the sounds of Lissie.


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