MSU Horse Judging Team

Written for Spartanedge on December 8, 2010

MSU Horse Judging Team

By Nicole LaChance

The MSU Horse Judging team attended the Arabian and Half-Arabian U.S. Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma on October 29. The two-week event, which was held from October 22-30, is the most prestigious Arabian horse event in the country.

The MSU team did very well at the competition in both the team and individual categories. The twelve-member team split into two teams of 5 with 2 individual competitors, as was required by competition rules. One team came in third overall while the other placed first overall, beating out nine other teams. Along with ribbons and a trophy the team won bags, cups and the right to purchase an official jacket.

In addition to prizes and a chance to network, the judging team helps its members learn valuable skills that can be carried over to future careers.

“We’ve learned how to prioritize and make decisions while standing up for those decisions in front of a total stranger,” animal science junior Celia Salmon said, a first-year member of the team. “The lessons learned are invaluable and will help us in every aspect of our future.”

To be on the team, students must first take an intro class in the spring. In the fall, interested students sign up for the advanced horse judging class, which is the team. Team members attend practice during scheduled class time and go to two competitions throughout the season.

Below, Spanish senior Kelsey Winkel, a first-year team member, discusses the team and the recent competition.

For more information about the team


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