MSU students enjoy the weather on a roof

This article was written for JRN 200 in January 2009.

On Sunday, a group of MSU students decided to celebrate the warmer weather by having a picnic on the Shaw parking ramp.

The students gathered up a small group of friends after attending the late service at East Lansing’s University Reformed Church. While most people said it was too cold, a few agreed to participate in the picnic.

Political science senior Monica Jewell was the organizer of the picnic. Jewell brought some friends to her apartment to make food for the picnic. The group also stopped at 7-Eleven to get Slurpees.

“It was so warm outside I just wanted to celebrate,” said Jewell.

Sunday’s warm weather reached a high of 40 degrees, which, compared to the previous weeks temperatures, was high. The students stayed on top of the ramp for about a half-hour, until the wind picked up.

“It was a great way to spend the afternoon,” said linguistics freshman Kate Woelmer. “I have definitely never had a picnic in January before.”

The students plan to have another picnic with more of their friends when the weather gets warmer.


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