Passage to India

This was published in the October 19, 2011 print and online editions of the Lansing City Pulse.

Passage to India

by Nicole LaChance

As we´ve seen in Bollywood movies, India is dedicated to dancing. Local audiences will get a chance to experience this bit of Indian culture Saturday at “Nritya Chitra: Envisioned Gestures.”

The event combines two styles of Indian dance as a celebration of the spirituality and culture they represent, said Shreelina Ghosh, one of the featured dancers. The styles were originally performed in temples as part of religious rituals, she added.

Dancers will perform Odissi- and Bharatanatyam-style dances, both of which are more than 1,000 years old. Odissi is a form of dance from east India and is the oldest surviving dance of the country. Bharatanatyam originated in southern India and is one the most popular dance performances.

“Odissi is soft and lyrical, and Bharatanatyam is bold and rigourous,” said Ghosh, who specializes in Odissi. “The juxtaposition of the two styles in the event will help the audience understand the uniqueness of the styles.”

Performers include Michigan Odissi Dance Academy founder Manasi Mishra, Michigan State University graduate students Shalini Vijayarajan and Sudha Sankar and students of Mishra’s academy.

‘´Nritya Chitra: Envisioned Gestures´

Kinawa Middle School auditorium

1900 Kinawa Dr., Okemos

6 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 22


(517) 347-7872


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