A really steamy show

This was published in the online edition of the City Pulse on November 3, 2011.

A really steamy show

by Nicole LaChance

When you think about hot tub stores, local art is probably not what typically comes to mind. But two local artists are looking to change that. Hotwater Works, Inc., a hot tub store on Michigan Ave. in Lansing, will participate in this month’s First Sunday Gallery Walk, what they hope to be one of the first of many art shows at the store.

Owner and artist James McFarland and Michigan artist Julian Van Dyke will display mostly large-scale paintings they created both individually and together. All paintings will be available for purchase. The event will also feature wine, cheese and crackers, and the artists will be on hand to discuss the paintings.

“You won’t be able to shut us up!” McFarland promised. The artists are displaying many new works and some experimental pieces, he added.

The artists hope to continue opening the store as a gallery and would like to bring in other artists next year, Van Dyke said, adding that the space reminds him of a Soho art warehouse in New York.

“James is doing a really good thing by thing by opening the doors for this,” he said.

The store’s first art show was a two-night event featuring the artists painting in hot tubs. They sold dozens of paintings and raised over $1,000 for the Mid-Michigan Food Bank. A few unsold paintings from the show will also be available for purchase on Sunday.

First Sunday: Hotwater Works

Noon- 5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 6

2116 E. Michigan Ave.


(517) 364 8827



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