Blog: Redevelopment in Lansing, Could Drive Buisness

This is a blog post I wrote for my JRN 400 class blog. It was published on February 16, 2012.

Blog: Redevelopment in Lansing, Could Drive Business


With the national spotlight focused on the redevelopment of Detroit, it is easy to forget about the city in our own backyard. My most recent story touched on the redevelopment of Old Town from a vacant neighborhood into a vibrant shopping destination. Seeing the transformation of Old Town makes me wonder what is happening in other area neighborhoods.

A recent article in the Lansing State Journal provided some answers to that question. According to the article, the City of Lansing and the Ingham County Land Bank have received over $17 million to improve housing in the neighborhood. Most of the money will be spent renovating homes acquired through foreclosure and the rest will be spent on building new homes in neighborhoods that haven’t had new builds in decades.

Many of the houses are in areas close to downtown, which makes me wonder if this will bring more business to the area. It seems that if people are living close to downtown, they would want more restaurants, grocery stores and shops in the area. It seems like a great opportunity for downtown to become an exciting city destination to live and visit. Time will tell how this new housing affects Lansing business.


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