Blog: Religion and Understanding

This was a blog post written for my JRN 400 class blog. It was published on March 1, 2012.

Blog: Religion and Understanding


I recently read an article on CNN’s Belief Blog about how most Americans are able to live comfortably with those they religiously disagree with. The article noted that Americans tend to be more tolerant of a religion when we know someone who subscribes to it.

This article made an interesting point, but it is one I have found to be generally true. Knowing someone of a different religion helps to understand their belief systems better and, in turn, helps to become more tolerant of their customs and practices. I think if Americans had more opportunity for interreligious communication and prayer, it would help to reduce religious intolerance. While there are some extreme cases, in general, knowledge helps reduce ignorance.

Do you think interacting with members of a different religion would help to understand them better? Do you think it is the key to reducing religious animosity?


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