October SOUP Press Release

I wrote this press release for Lincoln Park Preservation Alliance’s October SOUP event. The last paragraph was written by the director and she wanted me to include it.



Leslie Lynch-Wilson

Lincoln Park Preservation Alliance

Phone:  (313) 598-3137

Email:  lalynch@wideopenwest.com

Have an idea to change the city? Make it a reality.

Lincoln Park, October 9, 2012 —It’s no secret Lincoln Park, like so many surrounding cities, has fallen on hard times. However, there is one invaluable asset the city can still rely on: it’s people. The city’s residents have the power to change it and the Lincoln Park Preservation Alliance wants to help. Individuals and organizations are invited to submit project ideas for October’s Lincoln Park SOUP community fundraising dinner. Submitted projects will then be presented to attendees to vote on. Part of the proceeds from the dinner will be invested in the project with the most votes.

At the event, presenters will have 3-5 minutes to showcase their project to the attendees and answer the following questions:

1.      How will you use the funding money towards the realization of your project?

2.      How does this project/organization benefit the city of Lincoln Park?

3.      What is the time frame for your project, and how could you share about its progress/completion at an upcoming Lincoln Park SOUP?

Projects must be submitted by Sunday, October 14 to lincolnparkpreservationalliance@hotmail.com. The event will take place Monday, October 22 at the Ikaros Hall, 1677 Fort Street, Lincoln Park. Doors will open at 6 p.m. and presentations will start at 7 p.m. The event will cost $5 at the door, which will include soup, salad and a vote. The public is invited to attend.

September’s inaugural SOUP event included presentations by the Lincoln Park Historical Society and Friends of the Lincoln Park Farmers Market. Attendees voted for the historical society, which will use the proceeds to send out postcards promoting the 250th anniversary celebration of Chief Pontiac’s 1763 War Council near CouncilPark. The event is scheduled to take place April 27.

Lincoln Park SOUP is designed to help fund local projects and foster the growth of organizations through microfunding, similar to Detroit SOUP but more like Corktown’s Soup at Spaulding Court.  Soup at Spaulding Court weekly soup nights raised funds for the Spaulding Court renovations as well as Corktown projects and organizations.  Detroit SOUP has been lauded for its ability to raise monies for microgrants to support creative projects in Detroit.  Lincoln Park Preservation Alliance hopes to do the same with Lincoln Park SOUP. Lincoln Park SOUP is to be a monthly event.


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