What is Pollstar?

This was written as a freelancer for Dream Row and published on January 9, 2013.

What is Pollstar?

by Nicole LaChance

These days there are so many places to view and post concert listings. However, some only list shows from certain promoters, and others only from certain venues. Fortunately for musicians and music fans alike, Pollstar provides information for many shows put on by both promoters and independent artists in addition to up to date music industry news and information.

What is it?

Pollstar has two separate components, one called PollstarPro that is a subscription service that is free online. The free Pollstar website is aimed at specifically at music fans, with the main attraction of the website is to provide concert and venue information to music fans. Conveniently the site is searchable by venue, artist, date and city and allows users to subscribe and get notifications when their favorite artists are in town.

The second version of the website is PollstarPro, which is aimed at musicians, concert promoters, booking agents and other industry professionals, though anyone can subscribe. The website publishes trade information such as ticket sales, directories of contact information, tour schedules, Nieslen SoundScan data and other data information relevant to the music industry. It also includes a subscription to Pollstar’s weekly print magazine for paying members. PollstarPro offers access to exclusive print and online content not available to users of the free site.


There are many features of Pollstar, but the main feature of Pollstar is the concert listings. Anyone, including non-members, can search the online database using various criteria. Listings include venue and time information, the genre of the act, information on any opening acts, the concert provider and links to purchase tickets for the show. Users can also click on the artist and venue to see more dates and shows.

Members can use the site to interact with other fans and discuss upcoming shows and review performers they have already seen. They can also view photos and concert reviews as well as check out the average ticket price for an act they are interested in seeing. The free Pollstar site also offers some limited music and industry news via the Concertwire, which is updated daily.  The Hotstars section of the website features articles on up and coming artists and their tour schedules, with one being highlighted each week.

PollstarPro, while only available to paying members, offers a wide variety of services to in addition to those provided by the free Pollstar site. Subscribers receive a weekly printed copy of Pollstar’s magazine.  The magazine includes in-depth stories and news information that is not available on the website and is aimed at industry professionals. Subscribers can choose to have special daily news updates sent to them electronically.

PollstarPro members have access to more news than is provided on the regular site. This includes details on concert box office sales and global tour news, as well as a special Industry Insider News section. They also have access to several industry directories, which included valuable contact information for people in all facets of music, and the ability to perform customized searches. Pro is particularly useful to concert promoters, agents and venue operators, but can also be beneficial to individual musicians looking for resources to market themselves. A full list of the resources available to PollstarPro members is available here.

How to Join

Pollstar is open to anyone with an e-mail address and only requires a quick registration. Registering with the site allows members to sign up for notifications when their favorite band is in town or when a local venue makes changes to their schedule. Members can also comment on, rate and review musical acts, photos and news.

PollstarPro has more features but also requires a paid membership. Before registering potential members must choose from one of four subscription options ranging from a one year, online only option for $399 to a two year online and print option for $789.

To list your concert on Pollstar you or your representative must submit concert and/or tour information to their data processing department at tour_dates@pollstar.com, including all contact information. Local and regional listings are not guaranteed to be added to the database and are included as time permits, so the earlier they are sent in the better chance an act has of being listed.


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