What is Internsushi?

This post was written for the RWOE blog and published on February 7, 2013.

What is Internsushi?

by Nicole LaChance

It’s no secret that being an intern can be challenging, but sometimes landing the position can be just as hard. Sifting through dozens of listings on multiple sites is not uncommon. Internsushi is one of those sites, but its unique concept makes it anything but run-of-the mill.

Internsushi is aimed at both potential interns and companies. The interactive site focuses on presentation and choice. Despite the culinary-theme of the name, companies and students from multiple industries and disciplines, such as entertainment and finance, are invited to use the site.

Instead of a typical internship site where students type in the kind of internship they are looking for and search through listings, users create a profile showcasing their skills, experience and work samples. Students can make their profiles as detailed as they want and showcase all kinds of work samples, from videos and photos to writing samples and design work. They can then use this profile as a virtual resume to apply to positions within a company. Companies can also search through and communicate with interns they think may be a good fit for their open internships. Companies using the site include Billboard, Funny or Die and Lionsgate Entertainment.

What makes Internsushi stand out from other sites is how interactive it is. This quality is what attracted Dream Row intern Jillian Buzzi to the site. Buzzi, a business and marketing major at Ohio State University, found the site after a quick Google search for internships.

“I thought it was really cool that I could pick the type of internship and what business I wanted to go into,” she said. “There were a lot of smaller businesses listed that I may have not otherwise known about.” After searching through a few of the listings Buzzi made a profile and started applying. Within a few days she had an internship.

As mentioned multiple times in the site’s “About” page, Internsushi is all about presenting quality choices to both companies and interns. They encourage companies to be as detailed and transparent on their page as they would want potential interns to be. Both sides are encouraged to be as picky about an intern or internship as they would be about choosing sushi, hence the site’s name.

Since the site is relatively new (it just went nationwide at the end of 2012) it does have one major downfall: lack of choices. Buzzi said the lack of selection was the one major problem she had with the site. However, as exposure grows this will certainly be remedied. The site is also releasing newly revamped profiles sometime this year. A few other cons of the site are that student using the free option can only upload three samples and references and are limited to 10 applications a semester.

Despite the limited selection Buzzi would still recommend the site.

“It’s a really good way to get your information out there,” she said. “It’s like an online resume.”

Internsushi is free for anyone to sign up. However, the site also offers a paid premium option that gives subscribers a 48-hour head start at job openings and unlimited uploads. They can also create and upload videos targeted to a certain company. This option is $8.99 for a monthly membership or $79.99 for a yearly membership.


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