More Than Me Profiles

I wrote these profiles for More Than Me’s website. They are featured on the site on a rotating basis. These are profiles of some of the girls in Liberia that receive scholarships from MTM.


Meet Henford. This second grader enjoys learning and spends much of her free time writing, reading and practicing her ABCs. She also loves to move! Whether playing hopscotch or dancing, Henford finds a way to use her energy. It’s not unusual for her to say “hello” by inviting you to join her in a dance.

Henford and her three siblings live in a one room house with their aunt and uncle. The family relies on the income their aunt, Rebecca, receives from selling coal. Rebecca wants Henford to continue school but it would take “2005 years” of working for her to raise enough money. She is very grateful for those who are helping Henford become educated. “Thank you and bless them, and I hope God continues to bless them.”

Henford dreams of one day becoming a doctor and helping the sick people around her. Thanks to her love of learning and the help of the More Than Me team her goal is within reach!


Fun, playful and clever are all words that can be used to describe Henrietta. This friendly second grader can often be found playing kickball, her favorite game! She loves to socialize and has dreams of one day becoming a beautician and braiding hair. Henrietta also enjoys studying the Bible and attends church with her family almost every Sunday.

Although her mom, Mary, was lucky enough to finish school through the 12th grade the family still struggles. All three children and their parents share a one-room concrete house with no electricity. Most of their income comes from selling soap and doesn’t provide enough money for Henrietta’s schooling. Mary is happy she heard of the More Than Me program and is able to receive a scholarship for Henrietta.

“Thank you, firstly. Thank God for them,” she told us. “Secondly, may God continue to provide for them so they can provide for the children.”


Isaac has been with More Than Me from the very beginning! This joyful teenager loves going to school and studying math. After school his favorite thing to do is play, especially soccer.

Since his father has passed away Isaac’s mother, Beatrice, is the family’s sole supporter. The nine-person family lives in an old two bedroom house on government land where Isaac shares a room with his two brothers. All the money Beatrice earns from selling helps to feed her eight children and there is none left over for Isaac attend school.

Isaac has big dreams of one day becoming a doctor.  Judging by his desire to be educated, no goal is out of his reach.


Meet Jabbeh, a studious six year old who is currently tackling kindergarten! Even when she is not in school Jabbeh devotes much of her time to studying, especially spelling, her current favorite subject. Her focus will come in handy when she someday goes to school to become a doctor. During breaks from studying Jabbeh enjoys playing soccer and eating rice with cassava leaf.

Both her parents have passed away so Jabbeh and her four siblings live in a one room house with their grandmother. The entire family relies on the income their grandmother receives from selling water, which is only “small money.” Most of the time their income barely provides enough money to buy food, let alone send Jabbeh to school.

Jabbeh has big plans for the future and is happy for those who are helping her get there. “Thank you for what you are doing for me.”


Seventh grader Jackie is a creative girl who aspires to become a musician. This friendly teenager loves to spend her free time playing kickball and studying math. She has many siblings and is lucky to be one of the few that get to attend school.

Jackie, who is new to the More Than Me program, lives in a two room house and shares a bedroom with five other people. Her mother, Sarah, was never able to go to school and makes a living selling fish. Even with her father’s income as a fisherman, Jackie’s parents have very little money and struggle to support their family.

Sarah wants Jackie to continue to attend school so she can become a “great person.” If she continues to work hard no goal should be out of her reach!


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