More Than Me Profiles

I wrote these profiles for More Than Me’s website. They are featured on the site on a rotating basis. These are profiles of some of the girls in Liberia that receive scholarships from MTM.


Meet Lovetee! This teenager’s favorite game is kickball and she adores monkeys. She loves to play and eat potatoe greens, but she also knows the importance of education and making time to study. Lovetee is very hardworking and spends a lot of her free time studying for class. Although she is only in the third grade, she is committed to learning and especially likes spelling.

Lovetee is determined to finish school so she can become a nurse. Her mother, Margaret, wants her to become a lawyer, but they both agree that Lovetee has the dedication and determination to make even the biggest dreams come true!

Margaret’s husband died during the war, leaving her to care for their four children alone. She earns some money from sweeping but it is not enough to support and educate her family. “I have nobody to help me, I’m not married,” she told us. Both Margaret and Lovetee want to say a big thank you to those who are assisting Lovetee with school.

Maka Sonnie

Maka is a helpful child who would rather assist her mother with cooking and cleaning than play. She is always around the house working with her mother, Weah, on the household chores. Weah says this is “a very good thing” since they have eight people in their home.

The family lives in a one-room concrete house with a broken ceiling. Weah earns a small income from selling things and her husband, Abraham, has no job. She was never able to attend school and cannot read. Weah wants Maka to learn and be able to help the family, but her biggest wish for her daughter is that she becomes “somebody good and happy.”

Maka wants to continue helping others in the future by becoming a doctor. Judging by her willingness to work hard, there is no limit to what she can accomplish!


If you are looking for this playful 11 year old, look on the soccer field. Maima loves the game just as much as she loves ice cream, her favorite food! When not scoring goals, Maima spends her time in Ms. Beth’s first grade classroom where she likes to study English.

Maima and her three siblings live with their grandmother, Bendu. Her mother died during childbirth so Bendu has been raising Maima since she was one day old. Bendu works in security, but between her health problems and the care of her grandchildren she has little money to invest in their education. She hopes Maima becomes a doctor, a dream Maima shares.

Bendu wants her grandchildren to live a good life and gives thanks for those who are helping her.


“Lazy” is not a word Mama is familiar with. At school she focuses on her learning and is working toward her goal of one day becoming an accountant. But Mama’s hard work doesn’t stop there. The time she is not in school is spent cleaning the house, washing or cooking for her family.

Mama’s mother, Satta, cares for Mama and her four siblings by herself. She uses all the money she earns from selling juice to feed her children, leaving none left over for school fees. Satta does not want her children to miss out on attending school like she did.

Satta hopes More Than Me’s supporters “continue to help the dreams of our children.” For Mama, she believes this means knowing a better life, something that is well within reach for this diligent teenager!


Meet Martha. This diligent second grader has big dreams of becoming a doctor. Currently, she is focusing on school and enjoys studying math. Martha also has a playful side! She spends a lot of time running around and playing kickball, her favorite game.

Martha has never met her biological parents. Her father passed away and her mother lives in the village. When she was a baby people from the village brought her to Mabel, her guardian. Mabel takes care of Martha and two other girls with the money she earns from selling biscuits. The family is very poor and lives in a one room zinc house with no electricity.

“I want a very good future for this child,” Mabel told us. This hardworking twelve-year-old is certainly on the way to making that happen!


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