More Than Me Profiles

I wrote these profiles for More Than Me’s website. They are featured on the site on a rotating basis. These are profiles of some of the girls in Liberia that receive scholarships from MTM.


Meet Masse. Masse’s mother passed away when she was young and her father brought her to live with her aunt, Bendu. Bendu supports Masse and her siblings by monitoring the generator the town uses for fishing. Bendu is sick and the family is very poor and has no extra money for education. Masse helps Bendu with the washing and other housework.

Masse is a joy to be around! Those who know her describe her as nice and friendly. She is also very active and enjoys playing kickball when she has free time.

Masse’s current goal is to continue to attend school, something she wants badly. In the future, she hopes to become a doctor and help the sick people around her. With her big dreams and bigger determination, Masse is destined to go far!


Nora takes her schooling very seriously! This ten year-old likes to play kickball but would rather spend her free time studying. While at home she practices reading, spelling and math, her favorite subject. Nora is committed to one day becoming a doctor, a goal she is working very hard to achieve.

Nora’s mother, Deborah, wants her to enjoy life and be happy, no matter what she does. Deborah believes attending school is a way to achieve this. However, paying for her children’s’ education is Deborah’s biggest hardship. Although she makes some money selling goods at the market and her husband works as a mechanic the family still struggles to support their three children.

Deborah hopes More Than Me can continue to fund Nora’s education. “Please continue and thank you,” she told us.


Like many nine-year-olds, Ophelia spends much of her free time playing with her friends. As long as she is doing something fun with the other kids she is happy, although she most enjoys playing kickball! In school she likes studying math with her teacher, Miss Peason. This lively second grader wants to grow up and become a doctor.

Ophelia has never met her biological mother. He father had an affair with a prostitute who later become pregnant with Ophelia. Ophelia’s birth mother “wanted to be free” and left Ophelia in the garbage. Her father’s wife, also named Ophelia, took the child in, named her after herself and has raised her ever since. She wants Ophelia to be able to learn and take care of her.

“I appreciate everything, thank you for taking care of our children,” she told us.


Say hello to Oretha, a hardworking eight-year-old. Oretha lives with her aunt, Rose, and five others in a one-bedroom home. The family is very poor and must sleep on the floor because they are unable to afford a mattress. Oretha’s mother died when she was young and Rose adopted her as her own. Rose sells cold water but has no money for school fees for any of her children.

Oretha is grateful to receive a scholarship from More Than Me and is very focused on her education. Even when she is not in school Oretha is working and studying. Her favorite subject is reading with Miss Bendu.

This second-grader wants to complete school and become a doctor. Based on her work ethic, nothing should stand in the way of Oretha’s future!


This 14-year-old is a great listener, which may explain why she is such a good student! Patience likes attending school and is very friendly with her teacher and the other students. She really enjoys math and plans to one day become the Minister of Finance. Even when she is not in school Patience spends her time learning through reading.

Patience lives with her grandparents in a very crowded two room house. Her grandparents care for seven children and eight grandchildren, as well as several cats and dogs. It’s a tight squeeze! Space is not the only thing that is limited for the family. Since there are so many children to support Patience’s grandparents struggle just to provide food, making school fees impossible. Patience’s grandmother, Elizabeth, wants her to go to school “to become somebody, to become something better.”

Patience is thankful for everyone giving her the opportunity to attend school. “Thank you for all you’ve done for me,” she told us. “I have nothing to give them but God will give them blessings.”


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