More Than Me Profiles

I wrote these profiles for More Than Me’s website. They are featured on the site on a rotating basis. These are profiles of some of the girls in Liberia that receive scholarships from MTM.


Some kids dread math class but Godgift counts it as her favorite subject.  However, this playful second grader still knows how to have fun. While not in school she can often be found enjoying a game of kickball.

Godgift lives in small concrete house where she shares a room with her mother, Ophelia, and two siblings. Due to injuries she received during the war, Ophelia can no longer walk and uses a wheelchair. Ophelia’s main desire for Godgift is to learn and she is very thankful for those who give her the opportunity. “Thank God for them that they are taking care of the children.”

Godgift doesn’t let her humble background limit her dreams. She hopes to someday become a nurse, a goal she is well on track to reach!


Antionette Peason is a studious first grader who likes drawing. She spends much of her time outside of school studying or playing la pa, her favorite game. Antionette loves to play and enjoys eating rice with palm butter and beans.

Antionette’s mother Alice sells cold water to support the family but the income is not steady and sometimes she is unable to buy food. The family lives in a small concrete house and Antoinette and her siblings sleep on a thin mattress. Alice never got the opportunity to attend school and is happy her daughter is able to be educated and “become someone good.”  Both Antionette and Alice want to say thank you to those who are helping Antoinette receive an education.

Alice hopes Antionette gets to complete high school and then travel.  Based on her commitment to her education there should be no dream too big for Antoinette!


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