More Than Me Profiles

I wrote these profiles for More Than Me’s website. They are featured on the site on a rotating basis. These are profiles of some of the girls in Liberia that receive scholarships from MTM.


Prince is one of the boys of More Than Me. This 15-year-old has come a long way since he joined us at our very beginning! He is now in the seventh grade and working hard toward his goal of becoming a pastor. Prince loves studying the Bible both in and out of school and is always impressing his uncle with his intelligence.

Prince lost both his parents and is taken care of by his uncle. He has had a hard time handling their passing and needs counseling to help with his confusion over his loss. His uncle works security “for their survival.” He has no extra money so they must live for free in an unfinished house.  Prince’s uncle took him in so he could have a chance at a bright future.

“I want him to be a good person in the future and also preach the Gospel,” he told us.


Even though she is young, Princess is already showing great determination. When this five-year-old is not in her kindergarten class she is studying so she can be a spectacular student. Right now her favorite subject is learning her ABCs. Don’t let her quiet exterior fool you, though. Princess loves to have fun and play, especially baseball!

Janey, her mother, is happy Princess seems to like school. Janey is only 19 and had to leave school in 6th grade to help take care of her two daughters. She sells corn for a living but her money is gone as soon as she earns it. After buying food and paying rent for the family’s one-bedroom home there is no extra money. They all sleep on one mattress because they can’t afford another one.

Princess wants to become a nurse someday. Her dreams are big but her resolve is even bigger!


Princess lives with her aunt and uncle in a dark, one-bedroom home with no electricity. The house is shared by six people and, although the family has a mattress, Princess sleeps on the floor. Her uncle is a fisherman and her aunt is currently out of work. Almost all the money coming in is spent on food and rent.

Quiet and studious, 15-year-old Princess is currently conquering the fifth grade. She works hard in every class but has a soft spot for math. Princess is also an amateaur cook! Much of her free time is spent in the kitchen cooking or enjoying her favorite food, salad.

When she finishes school Princess wants to be a doctor. She thanks all those who are helping pay her school fees and hopes “God will bless them.”


Twelve-year-old Princess is incredibly playful! Almost all her free time is spent playing  with her friends or participating in a game of kickball. Princess has a serious side as well. She likes to study the Bible and has dreams of one day becoming a lawyer. This energetic girl is ready to reach for the stars!

Princess lives with her mother, Ceclia, and six siblings. Her father has passed away and Ceclia does not have a steady job. She makes some money by selling small things like peppers and oil but it is not enough to get the family out of their leaky one-bedroom house. Ceclia says she needs lots of help since she is a single mother.

Ceclia thanks all those who are helping her daughter attend school and acheive her dreams. “Give them more life to live,” she told us.


Meet Princess! Princess lives with her aunt and uncle. Her mother left her with them so she could attend school in the village. Her aunt sweeps the village and her uncle works security but the family is still very poor. They live in a concrete house with no electricity. The family needs help for school costs so Princess and the other children can have a better life.

“I want a very good future for her so she can be helpful in the society,” her aunt said.

For Princess, a good future means being a doctor. She is currently focusing on Mr. Mohammad’s fourth-grade class where her favorite subject is math. When not in school she can usually be found playing kickball or eating rice with cassava leaf. This fourteen-year-old is well on her way to a bright future!


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