More Than Me Profiles

I wrote these profiles for More Than Me’s website. They are featured on the site on a rotating basis. These are profiles of some of the girls in Liberia that receive scholarships from MTM.


Sarah is a playful, friendly ten-year-old who loves kickball! She has managed to maintain a positive outlook on life even in the face of rough circumstances. Sarah’s family is very poor and the six of them live in a tiny, unkempt two-room house. Her mother, Noral, wants to move the family to a better home but her and her husband both work low-wage jobs and have no extra income.

Sarah has hope that one day she will make a better life for herself. Even when she is not in school Sarah is often studying and preparing for the next day’s class. She most enjoys solving math problems. Her determination is putting her on track to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor, something her mother couldn’t be happier about!

“I want for my child to learn and be a good child and help others,” Noral told us. “Thank you for all you have done for me.”


This eight-year-old loves her grandmother! Siatta’s father was killed during the war and her mother left her with her grandmother, Mamie. The love in this family is clear to anyone who meets them. Mamie’s leg is injured so Siatta helps her cook and take care of the house. She also collects cold water which Mamie sells to earn money for the family.

When Siatta has finished helping her grandmother she spends her extra time studying. She hopes to become a doctor one day so she can continue to take care of Mamie. Siatta also makes sure she finds some time to play! Mamie often notices her running around on her way to get the water.

Mamie wants nothing but the best for her granddaughter and prays that Siatta can continue to go to school.


People who meet Success can’t help but remark at what a friendly and lovely girl she is. This seven-year-old knows how to bring a smile to the faces of those around her. Her days are often spent playing hopscotch with her friends or practicing counting with her teacher, Cecilia. She has big plans for her future, including becoming a teacher. Everyone who knows her knows Success has the ability to do accomplish all her goals!

When she is not in school or out playing, Success is home with her family. She lives in a one room house with seven other people, including three sisters and a brother. The family is supported solely by Success’s mother, Patricia, who is a nanny. Since Patricia is the only income-earner for her five children, there is no extra money for Success to attend school and the family must rely on a scholarship to pay school fees.


When Susanna’s mother was pregnant with her, she asked Susanna’s aunt, Patricia, to raise the child because she had no money. Patricia agreed to raise Susanna and Susanna has never met her biological parents. She lives with Patricia, her uncle and some cousins in a small two-room home. Since the family only has one mattress Susanna must sleep on the floor in the kitchen with a few of the other children. The only income the family has is from Patricia’s job selling pig’s feet.

Patricia and her husband never went to school and are grateful Susanna is getting a chance at an education. Susanna is grateful as well and is a very dedicated student. She enjoys school so much she can’t decide on a favorite subject! She loves spelling science and reading. She also enjoys playing kickball and soccer with her friends.

Susanna wants to be in charge of the country and become president. With her ambition and positive attitude, Susanna is destined to go far!


Tenneh is friendly and playful, but also very hardworking. This twelve-year-old spends much of her time outside of school helping her mother, Rita, with the housework in their one-room, five-person household. Rita sells bread to support her family and only occasionally sees Tenneh’s father, who lives in the village.

Rita had Tenneh when she was twelve and was never able to go to school. Finding money for her children’s education is a hardship, but her biggest wish is for her children to be educated and become good people. Tenneh is doing well in school, especially in English and math, and takes her studies seriously. She wants to continue to be educated and eventually become a doctor.

“Thank you for this,” Tenneh told us about her scholarship. “God will bless you.”


Nine-year-old Tenneh is the youngest of four children. She is her mother’s assistant, often staying at home to help with the cooking. All six members of the family live in a one-room house. They have a mattress, but it is not big enough for everyone and Tenneh must sleep on the floor.

Tenneh’s mother, Esther, sells guava and monkey apples at the market but sometimes goes days without making a sale. She wants to support Tenneh’s education so her daughter can go far in school, but her and her husband’s low incomes make that impossible without help.

Behind Tenneh’s quiet exterior there is a hardworking, curious girl determined to learn about the world around her. This third-grader likes studying science, especially when she gets to learn more about her favorite animal, monkeys. Tenneh’s ultimate goal is to become a journalist. Judging by her willingness to learn, Tenneh will be able to reach for even the highest star!


Theresa dreams of being a lawyer someday, but one of her dreams has already come true: going to school. This teenager loves school and even spends a lot of her free time thinking about and studying for class. Her favorite thing to do in school is read. When she takes a break from studying she can usually be found playing kickball with her friends.

Her family, which includes her brother and sister, lives in a one-room home with no electricity. Theresa’s parents sell kala, but it provides very little money, making it hard to pay for food, rent and education for their children. Theresa’s mother, Evelyn, told us she is very thankful for all the support More Than Me and our sponsors have provided to her family.


Meet Theresa! Theresa lives with her grandmother, Elizabeth, and six other family members. Their one-bedroom home has electricity but only one mattress, so Theresa has to sleep on the concrete floor with no padding. Elizabeth supports the family by selling cold water and soft drinks. She only attended school through the fifth grade and is thankful for those helping Theresa receive the education she never got to finish.

“God will bless them,” she told us.

Theresa has lived with her grandmother since she was four months old. Her mother brought her to Elizabeth and then left. Now twelve, Theresa assists her grandmother in selling and making income for the family. Although she enjoys studying English, Theresa dreams of becoming a doctor one day!


This twelve-year-old always seems to be working. Not only is she a good student, but she helps her grandmother, Mary, around the house, especially with the cooking. Mary was in the hospital for three months with a foot problem, leaving Tita to take care of the household chores.

Mary and Tita live alone in a one-bedroom house. Mary used to sell to support the family but has unable to work for the past five months. She is grateful for the help she is receiving through More Than Me and that Tita is on track to a better life. Mary’s dreams for Tita include going to school, learning and becoming a good person. She also wants Tita to learn a trade work but Tita is still undecided on her future occupation. With her determination and giving spirit, Tita should be able to accomplish anything she wants. 


Victoria is a playful teenager who loves a good game of kickball. She is also very hard working! Her main focus is math, but she takes every subject seriously. Her drive will pay off when she meets her goal of becoming a doctor!

During the war, Victoria’s adoptive mother, Sangeline, found her and another child walking alone and took them in. Her and her husband have raised her ever since. Sangeline sells food from their home and her husband, a pastor, receives a stipend from the church. However, they care for ten people and school is not something they can afford for all the children.

“I would like to congratulate them for helping her go to school and even on to college,” Sangeline told us about her supporters in the US.


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