More Than Me Thank You Letter

I wrote this Thank You form letter for More Than Me to send to donors.

Dear _________,

Thanks to you twelve-year-old Princess has been able to continue attending school and take another step on the path to becoming a lawyer. She has big dreams that are closer to being fulfilled because of donors like you!

Thank you for your generous gift of _________ to More Than Me. Your donation will help Liberian girls like Princess pay their school fees and have a chance to reach even their biggest goals. It will also strengthen the Liberian community by providing more skilled workers and reducing the number of poor, under-educated women.

As you know, the girls More Than Me supports come from some of the poorest communities in Liberia. They often live in one or two room houses with several relatives and no electricity or bed. Many of their parents only have a few years of education and work low-wage jobs to support their families, making money for education virtually non-existent. Without donors like you these girls may never have the chance to be educated.

By contributing to More Than Me, you help create a brighter future for girls in Liberia. Your donation is greatly appreciated and we look forward to working with you again in the future. Please feel free to visit our website,, to get the latest news on our organization and the girls you have graciously supported.

On behalf of More Than Me and all of our scholarship recipients, thank you!



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