Album Review: The Mountain Goats’ “All Eternals Deck”

Published in Spartanedge on April 11, 2011.

Album Review: The Mountain Goats’ “All Eternals Deck”

By Nicole LaChance

Vampires seem to be everywhere these days. Between “Twilight” and “True Blood,” the pop culture atmosphere is filled with these crushable creatures made for teens and young women. Indie folk-rock band The Mountain Goats are not immune to this craze. However, the opening track of their newest album, “Damn These Vampires,” takes a more traditional look at these soul-suckers, setting the tone for a surprisingly dark album. Continue reading


Concert Review: The Hard Lessons

This was published by Spartanedge on Feburary 21, 2011.

Concert Review: The Hard Lessons

By Nicole LaChance

Just after midnight at Macs Bar in Lansing, anticipation was brimming. In the middle of February, the packed venue felt like the beginning of July, which was not helped by people moving closer and closer together to get near the stage. After sitting through three opening bands, the crowd was ready for the main event: The Hard Lessons. And boy did they deliver.

The band is known for their heavy rock performances and innovative sound. Their song “Wedding Ring” was featured on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Continue reading

MSU Horse Judging Team

Written for Spartanedge on December 8, 2010

MSU Horse Judging Team

By Nicole LaChance

The MSU Horse Judging team attended the Arabian and Half-Arabian U.S. Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma on October 29. The two-week event, which was held from October 22-30, is the most prestigious Arabian horse event in the country.

The MSU team did very well at the competition in both the team and individual categories. The twelve-member team split into two teams of 5 with 2 individual competitors, as was required by competition rules. One team came in third overall while the other placed first overall, beating out nine other teams. Along with ribbons and a trophy the team won bags, cups and the right to purchase an official jacket. Continue reading

DMA’s not so rewarding

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DMA’s not so rewarding

By Nicole LaChance

The who’s who of the Detroit music scene came out Friday night to celebrate the nineteenth annual Detroit Music Awards. The ceremony, hosted by the Detroit Music Foundation, is meant to honor local musicians from every genre from funk to gospel to country for their hard work and dedication to their craft. While the intentions of the DMAs are admirable, the execution could use some tweaking.

The event took place in the beautiful Fillmore Theater on Woodward Ave. Inside the theater, the main floor was filled with tables for VIP guests which included gifts from various local and national retailers. The general public and some musicians were put in the mezzanine, which allowed for a good view of the show. Continue reading

Edge Eight: 8 most influential women in music

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Edge Eight: 8 most influential women in music

By Nicole LaChance

8. Carole King

Carole King started off as a songwriter, partnering with husband Gerry Goffin. After her marriage ended, King decided to try singing and her second album, “Tapestry,” is now a classic. TV fans know King as Sophie from “Gilmore Girls,” on which her song, “Where You Lead (I Will Follow),” is the theme. King is currently on tour with James Taylor.


Influenced: Sheryl Crow, Diane Birch, Sarah McLachlan Continue reading

Must-Listen: Lissie

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Must-Listen: Lissie

By Nicole LaChance

If Lucinda Williams and Johnny Cash had a child, she would sound something like Lissie. A little bit country and a little more rock n’ roll, Lissie has a versatile sound that many can enjoy. It’s no wonder the singer-songwriter played 10 shows at the recent South by Southwest music festival.

Lissie hails from South Rockford, Illinois, but you would never guess from her music. Part country, part folk, part blues and part Norah Jones, the singer is a delightful mix of several genres. She has managed to catch the attention of everyone from Paste Magazine to indie rock group Band of Horses to the BBC. She is certainly poised to get bigger as 2010 goes on.

Currently, Lissie has a five-song EP entitled “Why You Runnin’,” which is available on iTunes. The EP is a mixture of slow, soulful songs and slightly peppier numbers. A standout is “Oh Mississippi,” which is sort of an ode to the great river. It even includes an enjoyable, less country-fied cover of Hank Williams’ song “Wedding Bells.” The EP is definitely worth a listen.

Right now, Lissie is on tour in England with Joshua Radin and is set to play the British Evolution Festival at the end of May. The singer has also promised a full-length CD sometime this year.

Lissie is the perfect music for the coming warm weather. So, grab a drink, sit outside and enjoy the sounds of Lissie.

fun. concert lives up to its name

For SpartanEdge

fun. concert lives up to its name

By Nicole LaChance

When a band is named fun., one should expect their concerts to be entertaining. Fun., the band of Nate Ruess (previously the lead singer of The Format), certainly met that expectation during their sold-out show at The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor. The show, which was on Feb. 25, was a special headlining show.

The show itself got off to a little bit of a rocky start. The doors were opened about 20 minutes later than planned, which made for a cold and slightly irritated crowd. Once everyone got inside, opening band Cheap Girls gave a mediocre performance. The guitars were turned up so loud the audience couldn’t even hear the vocals, something one man pointed out. Continue reading