More Than Me Donor Solicitation Letter

This letter was written by me and edited by the development director. It is a form letter for soliciting partners for various programs.

My name is _______. I work with More Than Me Foundation and I wanted to reach out to you because of our mutual passion.  I know that through your ____________ program you are ____________ and your company is committed to supporting organizations and communities that help you in that mission. 

At More Than Me, we are committed to ensuring every Liberian girl has the opportunity to receive an education and improve her future and the future of the country. One of the ways we do this is through our ______________ program. (Info about program) We want to help as many girls as possible with this program, so we are seeking corporate partners who are dedicated to expanding access to education and bettering the lives of impoverished girls, and I believe that ______________ vision and passion align with our objective.

This year alone, More Than Me has seen remarkable success:

  • ·         We have done most of the renovations on a building for own school, the More Than Me Academy, which will allow us to educate even more girls.
  • ·         Thanks to a partnership with the Liberia Dujar Association, our students were able to attend a program on HIV awareness. This is the first most of them have had proper education on the disease and how to protect themselves.
  •        Our girls are working hard and we have seen 10% of them rise to the top of their class.

NAME, I will reach out to you next week to follow up and see if we could arrange a time for you to meet with our founder, Katie Meyler. I look forward to sharing more with you about some of the ways we are serving girls like Abigail, Elizabeth and Agnes.

Thank you, NAME, for your consideration,


More Than Me Thank You Letter

I wrote this Thank You form letter for More Than Me to send to donors.

Dear _________,

Thanks to you twelve-year-old Princess has been able to continue attending school and take another step on the path to becoming a lawyer. She has big dreams that are closer to being fulfilled because of donors like you! Continue reading