What is Pollstar?

This was written as a freelancer for Dream Row and published on January 9, 2013.

What is Pollstar?

by Nicole LaChance

These days there are so many places to view and post concert listings. However, some only list shows from certain promoters, and others only from certain venues. Fortunately for musicians and music fans alike, Pollstar provides information for many shows put on by both promoters and independent artists in addition to up to date music industry news and information. Continue reading


What to Expect as a Film Intern

This was published on Dream Row’s website on July 17, 2012.

What to Expect as a Film Intern

By Nicole LaChance

Breaking into the movie industry is not an easy task. Thousands of students flock to the profession seeking glitzy jobs in a high-profile setting.  Fortunately, for those students willing to work hard and take lots of directions, there are several opportunities to get started with an internship. Continue reading

Is 3D All About the Money?

This article was published on Dream Row’s website on July 1, 2012.

Is 3D All About the Money?

By Nicole LaChance

In the past few years it seems that every theater has been showing more and more 3D movies. In fact, at last count my local theater had 2 of their 10 screens occupied by 3D versions of new releases. The movies on these two screens don’t just come with special glasses, they come with a $3 price mark-up from the regular ole’ 2D movies next door. As someone who has never gotten the appeal of 3D movies, I am left to ask: is it worth the money? Continue reading

Are Permits Needed for Student Film Projects?

This article was published on Dream Row’s website on June 16, 2012

Are Permits Needed for Student Film Projects?

By Nicole LaChance

For many film students, shooting a student film is the first taste of what it feels like to work on a real production. Like any movie production, it is important to ensure the proper paperwork is filled out to avoid trouble during shooting. In New York and Los Angeles, the two cities with the most film schools, this usually requires obtaining a permit. So, how can students get permits in these cities? Continue reading

Getting Your Content on Netfilx

This was published on Dream Row’s website on June 15, 2012.

Getting Your Content on Netfilx

By Nicole LaChance

These days, a good portion of films are viewed via online streaming sites such as Hulu, Amazon Video on Demand, iTunes and Netflix. While Hulu may be the preferred sight of the television world, Netflix generally has a better selection of movies, but not all Netflix’s movies are big blockbusters and classic films. The site carries many independent features and documentaries. So, how can you get your movie on Netflix and into the homes of hundreds? Continue reading